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Jewelry Photos Before and After

We’ve been hard at work lately, what with the new site and gearing up for show season, but things are coming along nicely. The big focus lately has been updating our photos and getting the backlog of finished jewelry up.

I have to say that photographing my work has always been a huge task for me. I’ve always resisted it, and always thought of it as a huge chore. I mean, who wants to take a million pictures of things sittong on a plain background and then sit at the computer and edit them for hours on end, right?

That’s why I decided to have fun with it! Gathering cool props wasn’t a problem. I mean, we’re history nerds and geeks in general, so I’m more than a bit spoiled for choice. The weather’s getting nicer, so I have plenty of great ambient light on top of my lighting rig, and my mom got me my favorite documentary on DVD for my birthday, so I have something cool to play in the background while I work! It’s like the stars are aligning.

Check it out!

Necklace Before and after photo

Before and After shot of our Ruby-in-Zoisite Necklace. It’s amazing what a little creativity can do!
I’m loving the new look, and more importantly, I’m actually having FUN taking these pictures! It’s amazing what a little shift in mindset and perspective can do, right? I still have a ways to go with this, but keep checking back. Slowly but surely, the pictures will all get updated and the jewelry will look more like something you’d want to wear instead of something out of an inventory logbook.