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Jewelry and Legacy

Rings from my grandparents
Together Again

I’m sharing this picture of my grandparents’ rings because, as of Sunday, they are together again.

My grandma was 95, and lived alone at home. Grandpa died a few years ago, almost to the day, which was almost their 60th anniversary, which was almost her birthday, Valentine’s Day.

I almost posted a blog post about the sample sale going on, and the shows I’m applying to. I almost decided not to say anything about it, but that would feel like lying.

Art is ultimately about life, and life gets sad and messy at times. If artists didn’t acknowledge that, there wouldn’t be “Memento Mori” jewels or mourning rings filled with delicate braids of hair. There’s lots of beauty to be found in the tragic parts of life; we just have to dig a bit harder to get to it.

So I’ll keep going. I will keep up the Project 365 I’m doing on Instagram, even while I’m in NY. I’ll reschedule the sale post for another week. I’ll keep going with my big, crazy fashion show plan. I’ll look for more shows to apply to. I’ll laugh and draw and make things.

But I won’t be mailing out any shipments until next week.