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We’re on PATREON!

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Become a Patron!

Yep, we’re on Patreon, and Patron-only posts are happening! We’ve got $1, $3, $5 and $10 levels full of goodness.

A quick rundown of the tiers:

  • $1 is for jewelry fans. Discounts and first dibs on the jewelry I make! Ideal place for you to start.
  • $3 is for art lovers. You get PDF downloads of all of my books, free art downloads, lots of goodies!
  • $5 is for gemstone collectors/artists who use them. Dibs and discounts on gems my husband cuts and gem info from a pro.
  • $10 is for aspiring artists and jewelers. Tutorial vids, tips and tricks, all that good stuff!

And of course, if you go in for the $3, you get all the $1 benefits, and so on. So, if you’ve been wanting some sweet discount codes, or are sick of getting your favorite pieces sniped out from under you, this is perfect! This is especially good for ring fans. If you see me setting a stone that you NEED on your finger, you can claim it and I’ll make it in your size.

If you love pretty rocks and hoard them like a dragon (seriously, any more gems and I think Brian will start developing scales) the $5 is a great tier for you. You get first dibs on stones he cuts, and if you see a gorgeous slab you NEED an oval or whatever out of it, he can do that. Also, Brian’s working on videos to help take the mystery out of gem buying, and generally sharing his expertise on the world of gems.

So, here’s that button again. Click it and decide if you’d like to join us on Patreon!

Become a Patron!

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New in the Shop – SCA Award Medallions

I’ve often been asked for Award Medallions, and they’ve been on my two-do list for a loooong time. During Gulf Wars, I was approached by several people looking for medallions that were nice, but not too fancy. Ones that they could wear on the battlefield, stick on their hat, or wear out socializing. Medallions that they wouldn’t be scared about dinging up, and that were at a price that wouldn’t sting if they lost it.

I listened, and I debuted them at the Donnan Party this past weekend. They’re $20, come in two styles, and are available in either brass or copper. So far I have Pelican, Laurel, and Aethelmearc Populace badges. I plan on adding more awards and kingdoms to the list in the future. Click Here to see them.

If you’re dying for a specific badge, let me know and I’ll bump it to the top of the list!


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November is for Topaz

Topaz! It’s such a versatile, colorful birthstone. It comes in blue, orange, white, gold, pink, brown, green – Almost the entire rainbow! November folks are lucky, because topaz is believed to garner success in all endeavors. Different colors were believed to have different effects, such as yellow for wealth and blue for insight.

Today, you often see white topaz as an alternative to diamonds in jewelry. Thanks to modern science, there are an abundance of treatments that can be applied to topazes to induce brilliant plays of color that you can’t find anywhere else. They’re usually marketed as “Mystic Topaz” and they’re made with chemical coatings, heating, radiation, or a mix of all three! In fact, my engagement ring has a green/purple Mystic Topaz in it. The mix of color was made by coating the stone with a thin layer of titanium before irradiating it.

Which kind of topaz is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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Goodbye, October

It’s that time again. Now that the pumpkins and cobwebs are being put away, the tinsel and snowflakes will start appearing.

With that in mind, we have a simple but important question for you. What do you need from us? Do you want to dazzle them at court? Look sharp during the Twelfth Night dance? Surprise a special someone with the perfect piece to complete their garb?

We can help! There’s not much time left, but we do have a few commission slots open before the celebrations begin. Space is very limited, so hop on over to the Contact page to secure your spot! If you can already see the perfect piece in our shop, join our newsletter. Not only will you save on your orders, you’ll learn about our upcoming holiday sales before everyone else. The next one goes out on Friday, so type your name in down below before you miss it!

And don’t forget to Browse the Shop – We’ve been adding new items almost daily so you can get the jump on your shopping.

Don’t be shy – Tell us what you need in the comments!


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This is Halloween!

Click to buy it! It’s One of a Kind!

Our FAVORITE! Naturally, I’ve got a spooky piece of jewelry to share.

It’s a piece I designed on the 20th in honor of Bela Lugosi’s birthday. In the spirit of the season, I went hunting in my cab pile and found a wonderful piece of red and black spiderweb jasper for this pendant. It’s for sale, and while we normally donate a portion of all our sales to historical organizations, we will donate part of this piece’s price to a bat conservatory.

Since it’s almost Halloween, show me your favorite bat in the comments!


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Coming Soon: New Parent Charm Collection

Finally! Charms for us who want sentimental jewelry that’s classy and nerdy!

What you’re looking at are the castings for my new line of charms, which debuted at Pennsic. We’ll be casting another run of them in sterling silver this weekend or early next week.

So what are they, exactly? These charms are meant for parents to wear in honor of their children. You’ve probably seen similar ones; charms that are shaped like people, usually with birthstones. While the idea is wonderful, the current selection in stores is pretty limited in terms of style.

My new line or parent charms was inspired by heraldry and cadency marks indicating birth order. Diamond shapes are for your daughters, while shields are for sons. The symbols on them show which order they were born in. The bridge-like shape, called a label, is for firstborns, the crecent moon for second, and so on. I’ve been able to find records of marks up to the double-digits, but I’ve decided to go up to five for now.

Once the second run is finished, we’ll be able to photograph them and put them up on the site for sale! There will also be an option to add birthstones or other personalization options for later runs.

I have an organizational question for you: Should I add the charms to the Pendant section, or make a new one specifically for Charms? Let me know in the comments!


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We’re Going to PENNSIC!

Unfinished Sinclair Jewelry Banner for Pennsic
Look for the finished version of this banner! We’re at the northern end of Plunder Lane.

Yep! We’re SO EXCITED!

Come down and see us! I’ll be in the Merchant Area on Plunder Lane and Brian will most likely be running around with Lemony. Brian’s got his authorization in for rapier and buckler, too, so look for him on the field as well.

In other big news, we’ve got our casting equipment set up and running beautifully! I’m working on birthstone charms right now based on medieval heraldry. If you’d like to pre-order some, drop us a line and you can pick up your order at the show.


This is our first Pennsic, and we’d appreciate any tips or “must-do” / “must-have’ items you’re willing to throw our way in the comments.

See you in two weeks!


My first charms and the mold made for them. They will make their debut at Pennsic!



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Jewelry Photos Before and After

We’ve been hard at work lately, what with the new site and gearing up for show season, but things are coming along nicely. The big focus lately has been updating our photos and getting the backlog of finished jewelry up.

I have to say that photographing my work has always been a huge task for me. I’ve always resisted it, and always thought of it as a huge chore. I mean, who wants to take a million pictures of things sittong on a plain background and then sit at the computer and edit them for hours on end, right?

That’s why I decided to have fun with it! Gathering cool props wasn’t a problem. I mean, we’re history nerds and geeks in general, so I’m more than a bit spoiled for choice. The weather’s getting nicer, so I have plenty of great ambient light on top of my lighting rig, and my mom got me my favorite documentary on DVD for my birthday, so I have something cool to play in the background while I work! It’s like the stars are aligning.

Check it out!

Necklace Before and after photo

Before and After shot of our Ruby-in-Zoisite Necklace. It’s amazing what a little creativity can do!
I’m loving the new look, and more importantly, I’m actually having FUN taking these pictures! It’s amazing what a little shift in mindset and perspective can do, right? I still have a ways to go with this, but keep checking back. Slowly but surely, the pictures will all get updated and the jewelry will look more like something you’d want to wear instead of something out of an inventory logbook.


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Medieval Ring Brooch Tutorial

Medieval Ring Brooch Tutorial

I’ve got something for you!

I’m doing a series of historical jewelry tutorials! Specifically, things you can make without having to buy a bunch of fancy tools or use a torch for. I’m starting off with the ring brooch, which is something that you don’t see too often, despite its popularity in medieval dress. You can use it on its own as a decoration, or to pin a shawl or scarf.

My instructions assume you have some basic experience with jewelry making, but even if you don’t, this is still pretty simple. Practice on some thin, cheap craft wire if this is your first project, and if you have any questions, just ask. I’m happy to help!

Click Here to get the PDF
Click Here for the Tutorial on Instructables.

If you make a pin with this tutorial, put a link in the comments!