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A Giveaway, Steel City and the FIRST BOX.

First off, the Giveaway!

In case you didn’t know, Brian is a published author. He’s always made his short stories available at conventions as little mini books, but due to popular demand he’s making them available as 99¢ Kindle books. To celebrate, he’s offering his most popular short, “Insomnia” for free starting today and going through until the end of the holiday weekend. It’s a horror/suspense story about a man’s struggle with severe insomnia, and partially based on Brian’s own personal experience with sleep paralysis. Very creepy!

You can visit his author page here, and get the ebook on Amazon here. Please tell your friends and leave a review!

As for Steel City Con – We had a great time and will be back with his book (potentially more books!) in July. Brian will have two books done by then, and hopefully the second Windsmith City book available for purchase.

And speaking of books – I got the FIRST BOX of my “Celtic Spirals to Color” book in! That means it’ll be up in the shop as soon as I get enough light for a clean photo. Probably later today. Aren’t they pretty?

If you’d rather get one from Amazon, that’s fine with me. Here’s the link to the coloring book.

I have some new local shows coming up next week, and you’ll hear about those soon. Talk to you later!


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Free Viking Coloring Page

Since you like Vikings so much, I’ve decided to take one of my favorite artifacts from the most spectacular find from that era and turn it into a coloring page for you. Namely, one of the beautifully carved posts from the Oseberg ship burial. It’s not exact, but I wanted to give you plenty of room to get creative and make it your own!

To get it, you can Click This Link and sign up for our newsletter, of you can enter your email into the box right under this post. The Thank You page will have links to a printable PDF of the coloring page, along with the Birthstone Guide and some extra goodies.

If you like it, please let me know! While I love comments, you can also tag me on social media with #sinclairjewelry, or use @sinclairjewelry on Instagram. I love seeing photos of what people do with my work, so let me know if you color this! I want to see it and share it!

PS – If you’re doing reenactments and such, feel free to print off a bunch of these and hand them to the kid’s table. It’s a little fiddly, but I’m told the older kids and teens like it. So long as you don’t sell it or cut off my name or website, you can do what you want with it.



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FREE Reference Books!

Screencap of MOMA page

The Met Publications Page has everything!

Guess what? The Metropolitan Museum of Art has put hundreds of their journals, books, and teaching guides online FOR FREE. You can read them, download them, buy them, and even get some of them printed on demand if you want to throw money at them.

Do you like to make garb? Guess what? You can search by “Collection/Department” and hit up The Costume Institute. Send the fighters over to the books on the Arms and Armor collection. I’ve been giggling like a maniac by just typing “Jewelry” into the Keyword box so I can Download All The Things.

So please, tell your friends, tell that cousin who loves to paint, that friend who’s really into cosplay, and send them to MOMA’s Met Publications Page. There’s literally something for everyone. If you only want to look for free downloads, make sure you select Download PDF under “Format” when you begin your search. Once you find a book you’d like, hit “More” and it’ll take you to that book’s page, where you can select what options they have available for that particular title. The screencap up top gives you an idea.

So, what are YOU looking for? Have you found a great resource? Share it in the comments so we can all see it!