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Blackstone Raid XXIV

After a great weekend hanging out with old friends, we’re starting to prep for our very first SCA event! We’re going to be at Blackstone Raid in West Virginia on Friday and Saturday. We’ve never attended any events before, so we’re excited to get out there and meet people!

Brian is looking forward to seeing the fights. He’s getting gear together so he can join rapier practice on a regular basis and get himself into the fray! There’s a chance I’ll be in Knights of the Classroon’s tent most of the time we’re there, and of course the Little One will be running around and enjoying herself.

We’re going with our friend who is known in the SCA as Doga, and is a heavy fighter. I have no idea where in Blackstone we’ll be staying, but I hope to get a chance to wander the grounds and meet people and see the sights. Something tell me my Instagram is going to get particularly busy next weekend.

So, are you in the SCA? Any advice for a family of first-timers?