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It’s Earth Science Week

Did you know that today is not only Indigenious Peoples Day, but the start of Earth Science Week? It is! And if that’s not cool enough, the 14th is also National Fossil Day. Given how our Little One has been in her “Dinosaurs are Awesome” phase since she learned they existed, she’s super stoked for Wednesday. She’s already planning her outfit.

To celebrate, I’m going to be sharing awesome mineral specimens (along with the usual stuff) on my Instagram feed this week. Expect sparkly gems and cool minerals! Here’s some links for you:

My Instagram: @sinclairjewelry
Brian’s Instagram: @brian_hagan

This geode was so big it could be used as a very fancy and impractical bathtub.

An Amethyst Geode from our trip to the Tucson Gem Show in 2014. Brian for scale.

If you want to learn more about Earth Science Week, you can check out their website, Earth Science Week, and the same goes for National Fossil Day. If you’ve got Little Ones of your own, you can show them the interview with Dr. Scott – yes, that Dr. Scott – where he talks about how he was obsessed with dinosaurs as a child and how he got into paleontology.

Is there anything you’d like to see me post in particular? Specific gems? Cool fossils? Let me know in the comments!