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On the 10th – I Made It! Sweet

Yep, our first official event of 2018 is I Made It! Sweet at the Block Northway on the 10th. Below the flyer for it (and yes, you could win a gift card) and here’s the Facebook Event Page.

We’ll have restocks of your old favorites, along with some new pieces on offer. This includes some hand-engraved goodies, now that I’ve got my gravers ready to go again. If you want first dibs on items going up in the event (you can even pick them up there) you can always head on over to Patreon and become our Patron for as little as a dollar!

See you on the 10th!

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Pittsburgh Events This Week

We have some local Pittsburgh Events we’re going to this week!

First off is Thursday’s event, the Wyland PTO’s 3rd Annual Mom’s Night Out held at the Narcisi winery in Gibsonia. It’s a gorgeous location, and tickets are only $40! That’s pretty dang good for a night out drinking wine.

On Friday the 21st, we’ll be at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s Night Market! There’s going to be music, food, beer, and (of course) art. It goes from 5:30 to 11, at 8th Street & Penn . You can click the link above to look at the website for more information, or you can click here for the Facebook Page. Please invite your friends!

So, where will we see you?

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I Made It! Mine Happening Next Month

Whether you’re into Valentine’s Day or not, it’s coming, and there’s more to look forward to than day-after discount chocolate.

On February 4th, 10 days before, you can join us and a bunch of other local artists and makers to shop!

So, if you’re looking for something for your sweetheart or you’re single and want to show yourself some love, you should come to SouthSide Works and see what’s in store. Carrie and the I Made It! crew always put on a great show!

Here’s the link to the event on Facebook: I Made It! Mine on FB

I’d post an event link to their website, but they’re in the middle of a redesign right now. It’ll be up soon, though!

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Happy 2017!

It’s 2017! I hope you had a great holiday. Ours was… A little crazy, but we’re fine. Any by crazy, I mean four days of over a hundred mile car rides and the power steering giving out on McKnight, but I digress. We’re fine, and we had fun seeing our families and going to the little one’s first violin recital. It was adorable.

But what’s in store for 2017? Well, aside from planning for our future brick-and-mortar, we’re confirmed for Gulf Wars, a massive SCA event down South in mid-March. We also have an event coming up this weekend, the Winter Food Truck-a-Paloosa!

It’s indoors on the 7th at the Monroeville Convention Center, so you don’t have to worry about crappy weather ruining your food. There’s also going to be music, kids’ activities, and a craft market set up, which we will be a part of! I’m really excited, because this means delicious food trucks that I normally can’t get to at outdoor shows. I’m either stuck alone in the tent and can smell them, whch is torture, or they’re so far away I have no idea what’s there and I don’t know if I can eat it or not, so I usually don’t bother.*

Mac & Gold truck, I got you in my sights. Same to you, Oh My Grille. I’ve not seen Billu’s Indian Grille, but if it’s got chicken vindaloo in it, it’s got my money already.

So, hungry yet? Join us this weekend at the Food Truck-a-Paloosa for some delicious local food! Tickets are only $10, and the proceeds benefit Monroeville Volunteer Fire Department #6.

*Fun Bran Fact – I have an intolerance to mammal meat. I react just like someone with lactose intolerance. It sucks, but I deal. Just gotta watch what I eat. Luckily, there’s PLENTY I can eat on Saturday.
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Coming Up: The Procrastinator’s Ball

Fellow Yinzers, there’s no need to panic! You can do all your last-minute Christmas shopping next weekend at the Procrastinator’s Ball. It’ll be at Spirit in Lawrenceville, from noon to 6.
Here’s the link to their website, and here’s The Procrastinator’s Ball on Facebook, so you can invite your friends! There will be music, food trucks, and drinks to top off the revelry, so come on out and Join Us!


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Sweetwater Holiday mART 2015

Click to Learn More!

Hard to believe it’s almost the end of October, right? And you know what’s next. I mean, how can you miss it? There are decorations already going up in stores!

But I’m gonna say it, because it’s already on my mind – Christmas.

Yep. Before you know it, there will be snowflakes and red ribbons and wreaths allll over the place. As artists, we have to think months ahead. We’ve been busy looking for holiday shows and checking out gift guides. One of the shows we’re doing again this year is the Sweetwater Center for the Arts Holiday mART in Sewickley, PA. The show runs from November 29th through December 6th.

This is especially good because you have time to browse the works of dozens of local artists in a beautiful indoor space. No weekend craft show rush! Also, they have special events going on during Holiday mART times, some of which include wine.

If you live in Pittsburgh and love shopping in-person, that’s great! But if you’re outside of Pittsburgh or would rather do your shopping with your computer, what this means for you is that some of our work is going to be leaving the on-line shop before then. So, if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter with the Subscribe box below and get yourself some discount codes so you can snag your favorite pieces before they go to Sweetwater (where the on-line codes won’t work).

I’ll also be photographing and posting new items several times a week until then, so keep your eyes peeled!

Anything specific you want to see? Bracelets? Cufflinks? Pins? Let me know in the comments!


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Next Up: Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta

We’ve been busy bees around here, going to NOWM, visiting family and, of course, making ALL. THE. JEWELRY. The summer show season is upon us, and we’ve got to hustle to make it good.

In addition to making jewelry, I’ve also been hard at work trying to photograph all the new pieces and get them up here on the website. Here’s three of the latest items! There’s a simple moonstone pendant in a quatrefoil medieval-style setting, a chain necklace that looks good with everything, and a medieval ring pin studded with lab sapphires!

Unless these get snapped up on the website, you can expect to see them and more new things at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta! It’s less than two weeks away, and right after that is Southside Works Exposed, so we’ve got some forging, smithing and stonecutting to do.

As always, if you’re local to da ‘Burgh and don’t want to pay shipping, let me know and I’ll have it boxed and ready for you at the show.


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Steel City Con & Holiday RAWk Wrap Up

This week we had not one, but TWO events here in Pittsburgh. The first was Steel City Con, where we met some other great local artists and writers. We were there to sell Brian’s new book instead of my jewelry. It was his first time selling his book at a comic convention. We’ve not been back in an Artist’s Alley in years, and it was a nice change from the Dealer’s Room. Lemony got to meet other Thors (she was Thor for a day, of course) and an amazing Groot cosplayer. We sold some books, bought some art, and overall had an awesome time. Click Here to go to Brian’s FB fan page and see the Steel City Con album in full. It’s mostly Lemony being adorable with cosplayers, but daaang there was some good cosplay! We couldn’t get a video of the T1000 walking, but I’m sure you can find it if you check on YouTube.

And yes, that’s me with Sherlock. No smiling, of course.


Last night I wrapped up my 2014 show season with a showing at RAWartist’s Holiday RAWk show in the Strip. I’ve done several RAW shows this year, and I love them! They’re unlike any other art shows I’ve ever done. It’s nice to be able to actually mingle with people rather than just stand behind a table and smile. There was some very impassioned piano and singing, and the bellydancers were both exciting and mysterious. I liked the Solstice theme of their performance. There were also gongs being played while live painting happened on stage. The Grinch even made an appearance!

As for next year, I have Plans. PLANS! If you’d like to be kept up to speed on them in a more real-time format, you can follow me on Instagram @sinclairjewelry. I usually post pictures from my workbench and events, but sometimes the critters and the Little One make an appearance.

Do you have any big plans for 2015? Let me know!


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Still Gift Shopping, Pittsburgh? I Can Help.

I’ve got a bunch of places to find unique, locally-made goods! From your nerdy friends to party animals and arty types, I’ve got you covered.

Going on RIGHT NOW is the Sweetwater Center for the Arts holiday mART. It’s got loads of local art, including pottery, scarves, jewelry, paintings, wood crafts – Everything. This would be the place to go for your artsy friend who has everything. I would describe the wares there as more high-end, and the shopping experience is top notch. There’s wine after five on the weekdays, dinner on Friday, and a Sunday brunch to wrap everything up! I have some of my jewelry there – Just look for the purple ribbon on the tags. Click here for dates and details.

For my fellow geeks, I have to recommend the Steel City Con. You’re probably already going, but this is a great place to snap up merch from a favorite series, or get some sweet fanart. You could even give an early gift of a celebrity photo op! We’ll be there with Brian’s new book, “The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle” in the Artist Alley. If you liked Dr. Horrible, Mystery Men, or The Red Panda, this is a book you should read. Click here for convention info, and here for book info.

Coming next week on the 10th, your party-minded friends can celebrate with you by kicking off the holiday festivities with RAWartists Holiday RAWk show! You can enjoy local dance and musical acts while browsing gorgeous local art, have drinks from the cash bar, and food from Brassero Grill. Click here to buy tickets. Tickets are $15 presale, but go up to $20 at the door!

And even though I won’t be there (I was the first Saturday) you should check out the Shop Small in Shadyside put on by the amazing I Made It! Market. There’s a few Saturdays left, and it’s great for the craft-lover on your list. Click here and support your local yinzers!

So, where am I going to see you? Let me know!

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IMI Shop Small Shadyside Wrap Up


Yesterday’s Crowd at Shop Small in Shadyside

I Made It! Market never fails to put on a good show!

There was food, a fun atmosphere, and the space was great. I can image it was a bit challenging to get everything well-organized for a second floor event, but marketess Carrie Nardini (the creator of IMI) and her helper elves are seasoned pros and did not disappoint

PictureDon’t worry about playful little Portia and Mercedes – They both found new homes yesterday!

If you couldn’t make it out to Shadyside, that’s okay! There’s still several more weekends of it coming up. I won’t be showing there, but you’ll still be able to find a bunch more handmade goods from Pittsburgh-area artists. I don’t know if the Animal Rescue League will be there with more adoptable cuties, but you can always ask.

Speaking of supporting local artists, there’s SO MANY ways to do that here in Pittsburgh in the next few weeks; it’s awesome! In addition to all of the IMI events going on, I’m selling tickets for the RAWartists Holiday RAWk event coming up on the 10th, from 7 PM to midnight. There are more than 40 artists participating, including painters, photographers, fashion designers, bellydancers, models – The list goes on. RAW shows are always loads of fun and a great way to liven up your week!

You can buy tickets through my artist page my artist page or by sending me an email. You can even message me through our Facebook page if you like. They’re $15 if you buy them from me, and $20 at the door. I hope to see you there!

Are you Shopping Small this holiday season? What are you looking for? Let us know!