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A Giveaway, Steel City and the FIRST BOX.

First off, the Giveaway!

In case you didn’t know, Brian is a published author. He’s always made his short stories available at conventions as little mini books, but due to popular demand he’s making them available as 99¢ Kindle books. To celebrate, he’s offering his most popular short, “Insomnia” for free starting today and going through until the end of the holiday weekend. It’s a horror/suspense story about a man’s struggle with severe insomnia, and partially based on Brian’s own personal experience with sleep paralysis. Very creepy!

You can visit his author page here, and get the ebook on Amazon here. Please tell your friends and leave a review!

As for Steel City Con – We had a great time and will be back with his book (potentially more books!) in July. Brian will have two books done by then, and hopefully the second Windsmith City book available for purchase.

And speaking of books – I got the FIRST BOX of my “Celtic Spirals to Color” book in! That means it’ll be up in the shop as soon as I get enough light for a clean photo. Probably later today. Aren’t they pretty?

If you’d rather get one from Amazon, that’s fine with me. Here’s the link to the coloring book.

I have some new local shows coming up next week, and you’ll hear about those soon. Talk to you later!


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Steel City Con, coming up!

As I’ve mentioned before, Brian is also a writer, and this weekend he’ll be selling digital copies of his book along with some short stories at Steel City Con! There will be loads of celebrities, lots of cool vendors of geeky stuffs, and, of course, books!
What is his book, you ask? Well, it’s a YA novel about a super hero with a very unusual power. He’s forced into the lead position when evil strikes the city while his partner is away on vacation. The evil is also quite unusual, too. I’ll just leave you with the tagline:

“Horace Pickle hates mashed potatoes, but now he has a plan.”

If you’re not going to Steel City Con, but still want to know the plan, do not dispair! You can buy his book on his website here, grab a physical or Kindle copy from Amazon here, get it for your Nook here, or just check out his list here. You can even request a copy at your nearest major bookseller.

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Event Reminders

Just a quick reminder that we’ve got TWO events coming up, soon. The first is the Sweetwater Center for the Art’s Holiday mART. It lasts for a week, starting on Small Business Saturday and going through the next weekend into December.
The big thing about this is that I will be taking 20 to 30 things down here in the online shop to take to event. I’m still deciding which things to take and which to keep here, but if you see something here that you’re in love with this would be the time to get it. I’m not trying to drum up false urgency. Last year only a handful of things I took to the Holiday mART came back. I almost sold out, and they invited me back for this year’s show. So in all seriousness, do your shopping soon, if not right now. I’ll be taking things down on Monday the 16th, so you’ve got a few days to decide. The three things you see here are things I know I’m going to take to the show if they haven’t found homes.
Show number 2 is not a Sinclair Jewelry event, but rather an independant Brian event where he’ll be selling his book!
Yes, he’s a writer, a gemologist, a stonecutter, a fencer, a cat person and player of 16th century music on the ukelele. Truly, a man for all seasons.
But on December 4th you can find him at Steel City Con, sharing a table for the weekend with our friend Justin as they sell their superhero novels. You can also see Sean Astin, Adrian Paul and Walter Koenig, but the lines to see Brian and Justin (and the fees) are much shorter. As in, they’re in the Artist’s Alley, and you can get their autograph for free if you buy a book.


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Engraving Lessons and More

I hope I get a glimpse of Gates McFadden!

Okay, we’ve got a few upcoming things for you! First off, you can find us this weekend at the Steel City Con in the Monreville Convention center! We’ll be there selling Brian’s superhero novel, The Horrible Plan of Horace Pickle. If you like offbeat superheroes like the Mystery Men, the Red Panda or The Tick and his friends, you’ll like this book. His writing style is often compared to the great (and sadly, late) Terry Pratchett.

We’ll be in the Artist’s Alley, in the first row island. And if there’s any piece of jewelry here that you’ld like to see in particular, let me know. I’ll bring it to the con.

But the big, BIG news is that I will not be mailing out orders from May 3rd to May 10th because I will be taking engraving lessons in Kansas! I want to make you the very best historical jewelry that I can, but let’s face it – Personalizing a piece of jewelry with the lettering stamps available doesn’t really do it. I know you don’t want a gorgeous shield pendant personalized with Comic Sans font.

Imagine – Being able to order a REAL, hand-engraved posey ring! I’m excited at the prospect of making them!

This is exciting, but the more immediate thing is that Mother’s Day is May 10th. Yep. Mother’s Day. Already! So, if you’d like to get anything for Mother’s Day (or drop hints), you need to order soon.

Will you be at Steel City Con? Tell me whose autograph you’d love to get in the comments!



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Steel City Con & Holiday RAWk Wrap Up

This week we had not one, but TWO events here in Pittsburgh. The first was Steel City Con, where we met some other great local artists and writers. We were there to sell Brian’s new book instead of my jewelry. It was his first time selling his book at a comic convention. We’ve not been back in an Artist’s Alley in years, and it was a nice change from the Dealer’s Room. Lemony got to meet other Thors (she was Thor for a day, of course) and an amazing Groot cosplayer. We sold some books, bought some art, and overall had an awesome time. Click Here to go to Brian’s FB fan page and see the Steel City Con album in full. It’s mostly Lemony being adorable with cosplayers, but daaang there was some good cosplay! We couldn’t get a video of the T1000 walking, but I’m sure you can find it if you check on YouTube.

And yes, that’s me with Sherlock. No smiling, of course.


Last night I wrapped up my 2014 show season with a showing at RAWartist’s Holiday RAWk show in the Strip. I’ve done several RAW shows this year, and I love them! They’re unlike any other art shows I’ve ever done. It’s nice to be able to actually mingle with people rather than just stand behind a table and smile. There was some very impassioned piano and singing, and the bellydancers were both exciting and mysterious. I liked the Solstice theme of their performance. There were also gongs being played while live painting happened on stage. The Grinch even made an appearance!

As for next year, I have Plans. PLANS! If you’d like to be kept up to speed on them in a more real-time format, you can follow me on Instagram @sinclairjewelry. I usually post pictures from my workbench and events, but sometimes the critters and the Little One make an appearance.

Do you have any big plans for 2015? Let me know!