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A New Arrival

Sleepy Mara. She settled in quick!

This brings our cat count to three. I’d like to share how Mara joined our family, because I believe it’s a perfect example of the Universe (or whatever you want to call it) providing you with exactly what you need when you ask for it.
Now, some backstory. This time a year ago was one of the worst times in our lives. We lost three pets and my grandmother in a period of about 8 weeks. Losing four immediate family members hurts, furry or not. Among those we lost was Bentley. He loved us all, but it was very obvious he was Brian’s cat. He slept next to him, curled up on his lap as he wrote, sat next to him in the dining room – He was just there, at all times, and he helped Brian manage his depression in ways only a pet can.
We adopted Simon, and while he’s the strangest, silliest, most clownish cat I’ve ever known (I swear he’s part dog) he is simply not a lap cat. He loves hugs. Pasha, our black cat, is a shoulder cat.
So, Brian’s been missing a lap cat for a year, and it was getting to him. I’ve always said that if a homeless animal came to us, they’d have a home. He said that he wished he had a lap cat again.
Guess what happened? The day after he said that, Brian was hugging Simon while he dozed in the cat tree at the dining room window. Brian looked outside and saw a cat come out of the woods a few houses down. She confidently walked though the back lawns (not at all like outdoor cats or strays – they tend to slink) until she got to our fence. She jumped up onto our fence, looked Brian in the eyes, and walked along the rail straight towards him. She sat down on the gate post and stared. Waiting.
Brian called me so I could watch her while he got his shoes on and food ready. He got her in the house, where she scarfed down almost two whole bowls of dry food and drank a ton of water. She was clearly a pet – Clean, friendly, and a bit tubby. Not knowing if she had been turned out due to illness or simply lost, we took her to the shelter so they could scan for a microchip and give her a health check. We took a ton of pictures and hunted for her owner.
To make a long story short, there was no chip, no one came to claim her and we couldn’t find her family. We couldn’t get her out of our heads and by Friday night we decided to adopt her. Saturday morning she came home, and even though it hasn’t been two weeks yet, it feels like she’s been here forever. We named her Mara after the goddess of love in Skyrim, which is quite fitting.
She settled in almost instantly, and within hours found her proper place. On Brian’s lap.