Viking Patterned Mjolnir Pendant in Brass


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These brass Mjolnir pendants are just what your Viking garb calls for! You can add it to your festoon, wear it on a bit of cord or put it on a string of amber beads if you’re feeling fancy. I made the stamps myself after designs I saw on Viking hack silver (damaged or waste product from jewelry-making), mostly from the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum collections. If you’d like to see some of the pieces that inspired this one, click here for my Pinterest board of Viking and Norse Jewelry.

Pendant Height: 1 3/4 inches

Side note – These are not Nazi or white supremacist symbols. I’m making these for my Viking reenactor and Norse history buff friends. If you’re here looking to buy these for some hateful purpose, leave now and never darken my digital doorstep again. Besides, the money is going to me (a Native American) and my family, and I like to donate money to historical purposes, which includes Native museums and the like.

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