La Tene Replica Ring


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This is a replica of a silver ring found in an Iron Age settlement near Sussex, the only one of its kind to be found in the British Isles. Probably acquired through trade, this ring looks like a piece of modern art, and is comfortable enough to wear every day!

You can watch a video of my theory behind the unique shape of this ring on our blog.

A Note on Sizing:

Due to its shape a single ring can be sized to fit quite comfortably on a range of people, but to better preserve the curves I have them available in a few general sizes. When purchasing, look for the Midsize closest to your own. That’s the size right out of the box, but there’s at least a whole size of wiggle room. You can go up or down two sizes, although going down two sizes might make the ring a bit “tall” for smaller hands. To size your ring for a really comfy fit, carefully push the curves together or pull them apart. It’s similar to fitting a cuff bracelet. Wear it point up or point down on your finger; whichever is comfortable for you.

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Small – 4, Medium – 7, Large – 10, Extra Large – 13


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