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Spring Show Season!

We are back from Gulf Wars, and what a start to the Spring Show Season it was! Thank you to everyone for coming by to say Hello and to see what’s new! ^_^

Speaking of new items, due to popular demand, I will begin offering circlets and coronets in the shop, as well as more enamel work. I’ve begun working on glass enamel paintings and even some Renaissance-style miniatures, so keep an eye out for those.

Brian is also hard at work on cutting period gemstones for me to use in my work, as well as for other jewelers who want something to add more authenticity to their works.

Currently I have Blackstone Raid on the calendar, and PENNSIC! I am still waiting to hear back about Aethelmearc War Practice and a few other non-SCA events, but you’ll see us around, I’m sure!

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We’re on PATREON!

Click here to see it!

Become a Patron!

Yep, we’re on Patreon, and Patron-only posts are happening! We’ve got $1, $3, $5 and $10 levels full of goodness.

A quick rundown of the tiers:

  • $1 is for jewelry fans. Discounts and first dibs on the jewelry I make! Ideal place for you to start.
  • $3 is for art lovers. You get PDF downloads of all of my books, free art downloads, lots of goodies!
  • $5 is for gemstone collectors/artists who use them. Dibs and discounts on gems my husband cuts and gem info from a pro.
  • $10 is for aspiring artists and jewelers. Tutorial vids, tips and tricks, all that good stuff!

And of course, if you go in for the $3, you get all the $1 benefits, and so on. So, if you’ve been wanting some sweet discount codes, or are sick of getting your favorite pieces sniped out from under you, this is perfect! This is especially good for ring fans. If you see me setting a stone that you NEED on your finger, you can claim it and I’ll make it in your size.

If you love pretty rocks and hoard them like a dragon (seriously, any more gems and I think Brian will start developing scales) the $5 is a great tier for you. You get first dibs on stones he cuts, and if you see a gorgeous slab you NEED an oval or whatever out of it, he can do that. Also, Brian’s working on videos to help take the mystery out of gem buying, and generally sharing his expertise on the world of gems.

So, here’s that button again. Click it and decide if you’d like to join us on Patreon!

Become a Patron!

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It’s 2018! What’s Coming Up?

Hey! I hope you had a great holiday season! We had a wonderful break, visiting family and taking time to rest up and recoup from the whirlwind of holiday events we did. By the way, thank you for supporting us and helping us have another year of doing what we love for a living. We really do appreciate each and every one of you. We’re not huge, and we don’t pretend to be, so we see each share on social media. Every sale, like, share and encouraging word helps us keep doing this, and I can’t thank you enough. And if you’ve not done any of this, don’t feel bad! Seriously, you’re here, right now, reading this post, and that’s helping this site rank higher in searches, so Thank You! I don’t have an Etsy shop because I kept getting ripped off, so this site and social media are the only places I sell things on-line. Thanks for getting me up in the rankings! ^_^

So, what’s coming up for us? Well, in addition to some upcoming shows, I’m going to set up a Patreon very soon (as in, later today). Once I get it looking good and I’ve got things more or less sussed out, I’ll post a link and scream it from the hilltops. Show-wise, I have one confirmed SCA event happening in March – Gulf Wars! I don’t have any hard details like what spot I’ll be in, but we’ll be there. I also have applications going in for a few local craft shows in February, and I’ll let you know once they’re confirmed. January is the slow month for us, so I’ll mostly be concentrating on getting all of the chainmaille from the Renaissance Faire and the new items I made over the holidays up on the site. Right now, I have things set up so that a new item appears every morning, so check back every few days to see what there is!

Speaking of new, Here’s the latest piece of silver that I’ve put up. Isn’t is gorgeous? I love labradorite so much, and this piece just glows, it has such a strong fire in it. Click on any of the pictures if you want to snag it before I decide to keep it for myself.

Labradorite and sterling silver pendant by Sinclair JewelryLabradorite and sterling silver pendant by Sinclair JewelryLabradorite and sterling silver pendant by Sinclair Jewelry

Well, that’s all for now. If you have any ideas of what I can offer my patrons, please comment and tell me your idea! If it’s feasible, I’ll probably use it.

Talk to you alter, and thanks again. ^_^

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Fright Night and Holiday Market Coming Up!

Okay, we’ve got some events coming up, and I’m going to tell you about them!

Fright Night in Market Square

First off, this coming Saturday is Fright Night in Market Square. We’re going to be there, dressed up in our jewelry booth and with a big bowl of candy. No idea how long that’ll last, but we’ll have some. There’s lots going on besides the Night Market for Fright Night, so click here for details!

IMI Holidays 2017

Next up is the I Made It! Holiday Market! It’s a two day event starting on Black Friday and going through Small Business Saturday. It’s indoors, so you won’t have to worry about being cold while you shop, and there willl be literally dozens of local artists there for you to pick from, including us! Click here to learn more about what’s going on.

But Brandy, you say, I don’t live in Pittsburgh. Why should I care?

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a fan of our work, so this is still relevant. You see, these are big shows and big shows tend to mean that lots of our jewelry gets purchased, which is awesome for us, but bad for you if you can’t get to the shows. You’ll miss out on that one-of-a-kind piece you’ve been eyeing for a while, because our one-offs tend to go fast at big shows. If I may, I suggest marking the show on your calendar and either snagging what you want before they hit, or dropping some hints to potential holiday gifters.

So, even if you can’t get out to the show this weekend, I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!

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A Giveaway, Steel City and the FIRST BOX.

First off, the Giveaway!

In case you didn’t know, Brian is a published author. He’s always made his short stories available at conventions as little mini books, but due to popular demand he’s making them available as 99¢ Kindle books. To celebrate, he’s offering his most popular short, “Insomnia” for free starting today and going through until the end of the holiday weekend. It’s a horror/suspense story about a man’s struggle with severe insomnia, and partially based on Brian’s own personal experience with sleep paralysis. Very creepy!

You can visit his author page here, and get the ebook on Amazon here. Please tell your friends and leave a review!

As for Steel City Con – We had a great time and will be back with his book (potentially more books!) in July. Brian will have two books done by then, and hopefully the second Windsmith City book available for purchase.

And speaking of books – I got the FIRST BOX of my “Celtic Spirals to Color” book in! That means it’ll be up in the shop as soon as I get enough light for a clean photo. Probably later today. Aren’t they pretty?

If you’d rather get one from Amazon, that’s fine with me. Here’s the link to the coloring book.

I have some new local shows coming up next week, and you’ll hear about those soon. Talk to you later!


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Old Techniques Meet Our New Tech

Just because we make jewelry inspired by museum pieces doesn’t mean we do everything old-fashioned. Brian wouldn’t want to polish stones by rubbing them against another rock, and you can have my jeweler’s saw when you can pry it from my cold, dead fingers. On that note, we recently acquired a piece of modern equipment that will help us take our jewelry to the next level!


“Are you serious?!” you may be asking, “How can a laser printer help you make jewelry?”

Well, now I can transfer my hand drawings to metal. That means I can engrave, saw and even do acid etching a million times faster than before. But the big kicker is that now I can easily add enamels to my work in ways that won’t make your wallet cry. You get really authentic, REAL glass enameled jewelry, just like what your persona would have worn, and I get to feed the Little One and have electricity and make more beautiful things.

It’s a win-win!

Here’s my first test piece, along with a little pendant I made to go with it. It was inspired by this brooch from Roman Britain.

Look for some gorgeous antiqued and enamelled pieces in the shop soon!

So – What would You like to see Enameled? Celtic Knotwork? Medieval Monograms? Let me know in the Comme


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Free Viking Coloring Page

Since you like Vikings so much, I’ve decided to take one of my favorite artifacts from the most spectacular find from that era and turn it into a coloring page for you. Namely, one of the beautifully carved posts from the Oseberg ship burial. It’s not exact, but I wanted to give you plenty of room to get creative and make it your own!

To get it, you can Click This Link and sign up for our newsletter, of you can enter your email into the box right under this post. The Thank You page will have links to a printable PDF of the coloring page, along with the Birthstone Guide and some extra goodies.

If you like it, please let me know! While I love comments, you can also tag me on social media with #sinclairjewelry, or use @sinclairjewelry on Instagram. I love seeing photos of what people do with my work, so let me know if you color this! I want to see it and share it!

PS – If you’re doing reenactments and such, feel free to print off a bunch of these and hand them to the kid’s table. It’s a little fiddly, but I’m told the older kids and teens like it. So long as you don’t sell it or cut off my name or website, you can do what you want with it.



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Coming Soon – Viking Coloring Page!

After an entire year of drawing every day as a personal challenge, I’ve found that I’m itching to draw again. But what to draw? Well, since lots of you like coloring I decided to make a special historically-themed coloring page for my email subscribers.
It’s not finished just yet, but I’m working on it. If you don’t follow my Instagram, here’s a preview:


Oseberg Lion Post Adult Coloring Page Preview
Yep, it’s the Viking Oseberg Ship lion(?) post. I’ve always thought the interlacing looked a bit of a mess, compared to the neatly ordered knotwork I’m used to seeing in things like The Book of Kells or the Tara Brooch. But now that I’ve drawn it, it makes sense. The rules of Nordic interlace are really close to Celtic ones, but they have a decidedly devil-may-care quality that suits them well. Interlace section not working? Just grow another arm off a nearby curve and you’re good. Want to end a line? Stick a dragon or bird head on the end and bite the closest thing to it.
It’s a very free-spirited form of interlace that I’m excited to keep exploring in my personal drawing and illuminations. At any rate, the finished drawing should be up sometime this week. Be sure to check my FB page, Twitter, or Instagram to find out when.
Do You Like to Color? What’s Your Favorite?


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New Pin Boards for SCAdians and Reenactors

Do you like Pinterest? I freaking LOVE Pinterest! There’s so much to do, to see, and to learn on there, it’s insane. And it’s because of that insanity that I’ve decided to make some resource boards for my fellow SCAdians and reenactors. So far I have these:

Click the name to go to the board. I’ll be adding more in the future, so follow me on Pinterest to stay in the know.

Is there a board you’d like me to make? Let me know in the comments!


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Rugged Angel Podcast Feature!


Click to go give it a listen!

So, back in December I participated in The Procrastinator’s Ball, where I met the awesome and geeky Kahmeela Adams. She’s a podcaster who does a host of shows, among them her Rugged Angel podcast, an interview series which features Pittsburgh people (mostly ladies) who are getting things done. She did a series of inteviews with the people there, including yours truly! If you’re interested in learning more about some ineteresting locals, you can check it out here.

Which Pittsburgh ladies would you like to see Kahmeela interview? Leave a comment, and I’ll pass it on!