Meet The Makers

Brandy Sinclair
Designer, jeweler, metalsmith, and all-around history nerd, Brandy is the one physically making the pieces you’ll be wearing. If you like rabbits, metalworking and seeing jewelry designs before anyone else, you can follow her on Instagram @sinclairjewelry.

When she’s not working with metal or designing jewelry, Brandy likes to read history books, knit, write, play video games and paint. She’s currently working on learning tablet weaving and her favorite historical era is Ancient Rome.

headshot of gemologist Evelyn O'Hagan

Evelyn O’Hagan
Evie is a lapidary (stonecutter) and certified GIA Graduate Gemologist. This means that she not only cuts a lot of our stones, but tests them to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you expect. If you like gems, jewels, and all matter of shiny rocks, you should follow her on Instagram @evohagan.

Aside from all things shiny, Evie enjoys carnivorous plants, language studies, reading, rapier fighting, playing music, and tabletop RPGs. In addition to all of this, she’s also a published fiction writer. If offbeat superheroes are your thing (think Dr. Horrible and Mystery Men), you should click here and check out her book.

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