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Ever feel like you were born in the wrong century?

That’s okay – So do we. Fortunately, we can help you time travel. We have jewelry from multiple eras that’s historical and wearable. More than simply replicas, our pieces are designed to be worn every day of the week. You can wear your pin on your cloak on the weekend, then wear it with your scarf at work. Everything here is handmade in the USA, using a blend of ancient and modern techniques.

Sinclair Jewelry is run by power couple team Evelyn O’Hagan and Brandy Sinclair. We’ve been making historicaly inspired jewelry and replicas for over ten years. We have a blend of art degrees, teaching experience and professional certifications that are rarely seen in independent jewelry artists. History is our passion, so we want to share it with as many people as possible. To that end, we donate a portion of our profits to various historical causes. This includes not only established museums, but crowdfunding campaigns for historical education and research. We even help fund students who aspire to be archaeologists, anthropologists, conservators, and more.

Brandy is the designer and jeweler behind Sinclair Jewelry. Evelyn is the gemcutter and a Graduate Gemologist of the GIA. Outside of Sinclair Jewelry, we are parents, gamers, SCAdians, writers and (as you’ve probably guessed) history nerds. Brandy enjoys calligraphy and archery, while Evie prefers to test herself on the field with her fencing rapier.

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