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Coming Soon – Viking Coloring Page!

After an entire year of drawing every day as a personal challenge, I’ve found that I’m itching to draw again. But what to draw? Well, since lots of you like coloring I decided to make a special historically-themed coloring page for my email subscribers.
It’s not finished just yet, but I’m working on it. If you don’t follow my Instagram, here’s a preview:


Oseberg Lion Post Adult Coloring Page Preview
Yep, it’s the Viking Oseberg Ship lion(?) post. I’ve always thought the interlacing looked a bit of a mess, compared to the neatly ordered knotwork I’m used to seeing in things like The Book of Kells or the Tara Brooch. But now that I’ve drawn it, it makes sense. The rules of Nordic interlace are really close to Celtic ones, but they have a decidedly devil-may-care quality that suits them well. Interlace section not working? Just grow another arm off a nearby curve and you’re good. Want to end a line? Stick a dragon or bird head on the end and bite the closest thing to it.
It’s a very free-spirited form of interlace that I’m excited to keep exploring in my personal drawing and illuminations. At any rate, the finished drawing should be up sometime this week. Be sure to check my FB page, Twitter, or Instagram to find out when.
Do You Like to Color? What’s Your Favorite?


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