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Racing The Rock

I’ve got a secret. I’m in a race with The Rock.

Yes, THAT Rock. Dwayne Johnson. That huge guy who’s all over HBO and in a ton of movies.

I know it seems odd that a historian/artist would pick him. I mean, there’s so many jewelers, jewelry brands and artists out there for me to pick from. Tiffany’s, Van Cleef and Arpels, or Bvlgari (my favorite) come to mind. But I can’t race them. They’re companies. Sure, I can learn from their strategies, or look at their numbers and see how the trends are going, and that’s good for a company to do. For me, as a human, that’s not feasible.

Brandy Sinclair can’t race Ippolita, but she can race Dwayne Johnson.

Let me explain.

I’m very fortunate that I learned early on in life, that if I wanted to be a great artist my chief aim every day should be to be better than I was the day before. Dwayne Johnson, along with every other pro athlete out there, knows this. That’s why he’s up before 4:30 in the morning, and has done his cardio and (literally) tons of heavy lifting before most of us have hit the snooze button. That’s why I try to wake up at 5 am or earlier and either get into the workshop or spend time studying and learning before the rest of the house wakes up. His first order of the day is to be bigger, faster, or stronger than he was when he woke up yesterday. I can do the same with my art. It’s not as easy to measure as physical improvement, but it can be done.

So how, exactly, does one “race” The Rock? With Instagram, of course! When I wake up the first thing I do is check out @therock. He sometimes posts screenshots of his wakeup alarms, and when he’s on the East Coast I like to try and be awake before he is. Yes, I’ve been up before him, and I do a little dance every time I see it. Later on in the day, when I decide to take a break from whatever it is I’m doing, I’ll look at Instagram. I look at lots of things, but I always check in on him. Is it a marketing promo image? I think I’ll post some jewelry. Is it a slice-of-life shot? Maybe I can find something cool you guys would like. Is he pumping iron at his bench? Well, this is what’s on my bench! You get the idea. When he hasn’t posted anything new from the last time I looked, I’ll post something and see if he posts the same type of image later.

There’s more to it, though. I like to see if I can beat the profit margins on his movies with my events. I’ll enter a contest when I see he’s up for an award. When I see him celebrating his fans, it reminds me to make extra-sure my family and friends know how much I appreciate them. When I see him with his family or with his pets, I’ll take a break to give them some love. You see, I’m only human, and so is he. Companies don’t sleep. They chug on every second of every day. I race Dwayne Johnson because he helps me up my game in every area of my life.

So you don’t get the wrong idea – I’m not racing against him. I’m racing with him, because the only person I’m competing against is myself.

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