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Event Reminders

Just a quick reminder that we’ve got TWO events coming up, soon. The first is the Sweetwater Center for the Art’s Holiday mART. It lasts for a week, starting on Small Business Saturday and going through the next weekend into December.
The big thing about this is that I will be taking 20 to 30 things down here in the online shop to take to event. I’m still deciding which things to take and which to keep here, but if you see something here that you’re in love with this would be the time to get it. I’m not trying to drum up false urgency. Last year only a handful of things I took to the Holiday mART came back. I almost sold out, and they invited me back for this year’s show. So in all seriousness, do your shopping soon, if not right now. I’ll be taking things down on Monday the 16th, so you’ve got a few days to decide. The three things you see here are things I know I’m going to take to the show if they haven’t found homes.
Show number 2 is not a Sinclair Jewelry event, but rather an independant Brian event where he’ll be selling his book!
Yes, he’s a writer, a gemologist, a stonecutter, a fencer, a cat person and player of 16th century music on the ukelele. Truly, a man for all seasons.
But on December 4th you can find him at Steel City Con, sharing a table for the weekend with our friend Justin as they sell their superhero novels. You can also see Sean Astin, Adrian Paul and Walter Koenig, but the lines to see Brian and Justin (and the fees) are much shorter. As in, they’re in the Artist’s Alley, and you can get their autograph for free if you buy a book.


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