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Internet Quizzes and Dream Houses

I’m seeing a ton of quizzes popping up lately, and while some are pretty silly (“Which Harry Potter Character is Your Spirit Animal?”*), others have got me thinking. Quizzes that ask about which country, time period or type of home they think I belong in always get my imagination going. While I love our current house here in Pittsburgh, I can’t help but wonder exactly what kind of house I would build with unlimited resources.

PictureIt’s a hypocaust – Heated floors! Why don’t we have these?

I love ancient Rome but I also love having seasons, so a Roman-style villa wouldn’t cut it in this climate. Especially with the whole atrium thing going on. I could turn the giant hole in the ceiling into a skylight, but that’s no fun. Although I would like the heated floor option Romans had. Why don’t we have that? I’d at least like it as a standard feature in bathrooms. Now, with UNLIMITED resources I would build a few of my favorite places from Skyrim, like Dragonsreach and an improved Riften. We’ve got the rivers, why not? If I could take over one of our city’s famous hilltops, I’d build Edoras from Lord of the Rings. I’d be a dwarf if I lived in Middle Earth, but I just love Rohan to pieces. It’s beautiful.

On a more realistic note, I would build a small castle with a curtain wall and a nice, sturdy portcullis. There’d be a forge, a couple of workshops, a drawing room, living spaces, big tower library (of course!) and plenty of trees around with room to garden. I’d like a nice indoor workout area to practice archery in, along with an outdoor range, too. I know Brian would like a greenhouse for his carnivorous plants, and Lemony would expand her flower garden. He’d also love an indoor gym with room enough for his sword practice, and a good cellar for brewing mead!

And as long as I’m dreaming, I’d build a little boutique not far from it to sell mine and others work in. I’d still need it to be fairly close to the city, but this is Pittsburgh! It can be done. I can see Downtown from my back porch, and yet we’re still surrounded by trees and have wildlife all over the place.

We’d totally host mini Renaissance Faires and SCA events if we had a castle, too. That would be awesome!

PictureThis is more like it!

How about you? What would your dream home look like? Let me know in the comments!

(*My HP Spirit Animal is Luna Lovegood, if you were wondering)


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